Donation for the Department of Paediatrics at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb


We from Rotary Club Zagreb Maksimir, District 1913, Croatia are running a campaign to raise money for a piece of equipment that will make medical examinations less traumatic for babies and small children. The equipment costs 120,000€ and we still need 40,000€. 

Watch the short video above to get an impression of what this is all about.

The Department of Paediatrics at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb is the largest base for clinical education and a teaching hospital of the University of Zagreb’s School of Medicine; it is the leading paediatric institution in Croatia, specialised in the treatment of respiratory, digestive, neurological, cardiologic and other illnesses. It is a tertiary referral hospital that treats little patients from all over Croatia, but also from the neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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It is hard to believe, but the Department of Paediatrics does not possess endoscopic equipment suitable for children! They are treated/examined with equipment meant for grown-ups, which is a painful invasive procedure. Specialised equipment is needed, with scopes and probes of very, very small sizes connected to it. This equipment currently does not exist in Croatia and given Croatian budgetary deficits, it is doubtful that the Government will pay for it anytime soon. The money must come from other sources, and the need is urgent.


Donating is easy; simply go to our crowdfunding web site and you will be guided through the process.


The first smile of newborn children will be the most beautiful reward you and we can wish for. And let us not forget the smiles of all the other infants and toddlers, and the parents of them all!

In the name of all young patients, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Prof. Marija Jelušić, MD, PhD

President of Rotary Club Zagreb Maksimir, District 1913

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The life and well being of babies and small children are at stake. Quick and relatively painless intervention is needed, for instance when a foreign body enters the airways and causes choking or for management of severe acute gastrointestinal bleeding. These life-threatening events necessitate prompt recognition and early treatment to minimize the potentially serious and fatal consequences. The new endoscope makes this possible!

Procurement of endoscopic equipment would enable better monitoring and diagnostics of particularly vulnerable premature infants with respiratory, digestive, neurological diseases and consequent difficulties.

Furthermore, the availability of a special endoscope for small children would significantly improve the quality of diagnostics and treatment of newborns and infants with chronic lung disease that need long-term artificial ventilation as well as children with cystic fibrosis. In Croatia only the Department of Pediatrics at the University Hospital Centre Zagreb treats these children.

In addition, the equipment helps to considerably reduce the ventilation time for children of all ages on artificial respiration systems.

The Department of Paediatrics has decided to upgrade and modernise the rooms needed for examinations and treatments with the new children’s endoscope. This is part of the deal we have with them.